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    Congrats on the soon to be Eagle Scout. At 16, he should have most of the requirements for the camping merit badge. As you know, or should know, there is alot of info here on the forums. So, as part of his present, have him become a member of the forums. Being new to a hammock, there are alot of little things that can be learned to make hanging more enjoyable. Some folks just don't seem to just fall into things the right way, have a few bad experiences with hammocks and are ready to give up on them. Then they start asking questions and reading threads, and start learning. I know that I am 1 of those.

    I am an Assistant Scout Master, and soon to be Scout Master with a troop. My first experience with a hammock, was not the best. In fact after a week in one, I was almost ready to give it up. I found HF and realized, I had been hanging in all the wrong ways.

    Sounds like he is going to have a great Xmas.....RR

    You are awesome for being involved in Scouts. It's a great program but I can say that a troop is only as good as it's Scout Master and other leaders.

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    Coolest mom ever. Your son is going to be camping in style!
    I solemnly swear that I am up to no good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latitude918 View Post
    Coolest mom ever. Your son is going to be camping in style!

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