I received my ridge runner today! Only, it wasn't what I ordered. I had initially gotten in touch w/ Warbonnetguy about a blem'd double layer as it was really on sale. Then the black friday sale came online and I sent an email opting for a single layer. Fast forward to today and the hammock is here! After some poking around, I noticed it had an extra slip of fabric under it. Hark? A double layer? Surely not. But it was, so oh well. I can't tell if it's the original blem I ordered or not, but I'm happy with it! It's well made for sure. As for weight, it's a little heavy, but lighter than I had expected. With the adjustable webbing susp, poles in the stuff sack it weighs 35.8oz, that's also some condensation from the humidity on it as well. Like the bottom of it makes my hand wet when I run it along the fabric. The cloud burst tarp weighs 17.5oz in the stuff sack. I ordered 100ft of zing it as well as a dutch hook and a dutch fly to make a continuous ridge line in accordance with the video that Dejoha posted. The other 70 feet of line are for the tie outs on the tarp. I will also be using the Titanium stakes I ordered off here to stake the tarp down. After I receive my dutch gear I'll take a weekend trip and post a report. I don't have an UQ yet, but since I ended up with a DL, I can use my big agnes air core and the hot spot I ordered from REI as insulation. Here are a couple of hasty, and consequently terrible pictures I took when I first hung it this morning.