Howdy everyone,

New poster, old lurker here! I recently got a HH Safari Asym Classic, and it's been great so far. My girlfriend's brother has an Expedition and that was my first real experience with a camping hammock. I'll probably never go back to a tent! I got the safari because my girlfriend and I are planning on doing some camping/hiking in it, and we're both fairly small people.

Now, onto my question. I can definitely tell a difference between the roominess of this one compared to the expedition, my only problem is that since there is so much more material, this hammock hangs super low to the ground. Unfortunately, my lady has been out of the country and she hasn't been able to jump in it with me, however, when I'm in it by myself, I'm nearly touching the ground. Could any of you possibly give me any tips or tricks for getting it further off the ground, if there are any? The only thing I can think to do at the moment is just hang it as high in the tree as possible. That's really not a big deal, I'm somewhat of a monkey and I can climb tree's easily anyhow, but this might not be the best tactic to do everyday if we end up going on an AT thru-hike.

Any advice or tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!