There has been a small minority of users who preferred the old setup, where all trip planning threads were in a single subforum. I happen to be familiar with a method that will allow people to view the combined feeds for all of the subforums easily.

This approach relies on RSS feeds, a concept expanded upon more in Just Jeff's original sticky here:

One option you can use is to download an RSS reader that can show all of your feeds as combined. This is simplest, but perhaps less intuitive for those who are not very computer savvy.

For those users, I have created a "combined" RSS feed that will display all new posts from all of the subforums.

You can view this combined feed in your browser here:

Simply visit that page once, then set a bookmark to it, and you can go back as often as you want, and see the newest threads in all of the different trip planning subforums.

Alternatively, If you want to install an RSS reader, you can view this content using the following RSS feed URLs, for both RSS and JSON:

Hopefully, this workaround helps alleviate some of your concerns.