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    Welcome and great shots. I have some of that digital camo material from WalMart I got a couple months ago. What I found was not ripstop and I believe it is probably polyester rather than nylon but still made a good hammock.
    I was in one of my local WalMarts last night and now they are liquidating all the material at 25% off. So I got about 50 yards of material for around $35. I got 1 bolt silver 1.1 DWR ripstop, 2 bolts of gray ripstop probably 1.9 and about 3 yards of 1.1 digital desert camo (first time I've seen that).
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    tnx, now I need a camo tarp just like neo's!!!!!!!!!!1

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    I wanted some cammo, but I cannot seem to find any that is 1.1oz SilNylon. There are Urethane Coated and 1.9oz, but no SilNylon. Oh well, I guess grey will have to do. I am going to take a bunch of photos of my current project and post them. It is one big project. I am essentially making my entire kit. Including backpack.

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