I am new to the forums and hammock camping in general, and have so far spent only a few nights in my Explorer Ultralight Asym. I tend to sleep cold, so I quickly began looking into pads and the Speer-type segmented pad extender (SPE). I made an SPE which added 6-inch "wings" to widen my ThermaRest Pro-Lite pad into a bathtub shape, but found I was still cold when it dropped below 50 degrees. What I would like is something that will take me down to 20 degrees, which would handle the majority of the year in Upstate NY. I could add another pad to the SPE (I do have a RidgeRest foam pad), but that gets really bulky both in the hammock and the backpack, and I find it pretty awkward to sleep on.

It seems like the conventional wisdom is to move to an underquilt if you're cold. However, I'm not certain whether a conventional UQ will work well with the velcro-entry in the classic Hennessey. Has anyone done this? Or do you use an UQ designed with a slit entry like the JRB Nest?

I am also contemplating whether to request 2QZQ's zipper mod for the HH classic. With a side entry, it seems like there are a lot more UQ's available, and it appears to be economical with an UQ relative to JRB.

JRB Winter Nest (5-10 deg) $335
2QZQ Zipper Mod #2 $50, plus
Hammock Gear Incubator 20-Degree $240 (or 0-Degree $264)

So, any thoughts on:
1) rectangular UQ's with classic velcro entry Hennessey?
2) Classic vs side entry for UQ -- which is better?

Thanks for your input! I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I'm not having any luck finding it by searching the forums.