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    Quote Originally Posted by DivaB View Post
    ....I have used this and it works, and will be using it on my son's tarp again this winter. The plus to this is that when the wind is super, super gusty or when someone snags and trips over your line at night, that cap will pop off before any structure damage to the tarp happens. Came in real hand one night when my mother had the 3am nature call and some how she got tangled in Dakota's lines We still don't know how she did that, but the tarp didn't tear.
    I did this and they work great on my Exped Scout Extreme tarp. Will have pics posted after the 2nd Annual Oregon Winter Hang.

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    I think I would be careful about how I used mechanical fasteners. If you only want an occasional pull out or if trying to decide about pull outs they will work fine. If they are going to be used a lot in the same place on the tarp I would be worried about wear in the fabric. It is not hard to use a backer patch and tape loop sewn on as a permanent answer. That can be seam sealed. YMMV, HYOH, free advice worth every penny paid. ;-)

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    I have side pull outs on my tarp and have decided that they do their job alright for giving me extra space in rain, but are a not good enough for high wind (maybe I haven't used them quite right...not sure how I could mess them up). I'm working on modifying my tarp to SGT Rock's pole mod. If you carry hiking poles, this works very well. I tested it last night as best I could without the full mod.

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