After long last! Here is my review of the Handy Hammock from the UK. My blog post is pretty thorough with all the specs, measurements, and other details, so I'm just going to post a few thoughts here.

Overall, a pretty slick set-up that is well-engineered. It is fairly light for a stand and is very packable. I can see this stand as a viable part of a thru hike on the AZT or PCT in the southern sections where trees are limited or non-existant. Of course, this stand is also a great option in alpine meadows or at Boy Scout camporees where camping spots are restricted to large fields.

Can you use other hammocks with this stand? Yes. The distance between the struts can also be modified to accommodate longer hammocks, although the strut height is fixed. The included hammock is actually very comfortable and is a little larger than the Grand Trunk Ultralight.

Can the stand be set up on uneven or sloping ground? Sorta. The stand performs best when both struts and anchors distribute the weight evenly. On exaggerated slopes, this is not possible. Yes, the stand can work on slightly uneven surfaces, just be careful.

Is this a free-standing stand? No. It is very similar to my 3-person tensegrity stand and requires stakes to hold the struts. The struts channel the compressive forces into the ground.