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    8 have the cadilac dont look over the fence in wonder of what the vega would be need to go hang your rr telling it youll never think of straying again.
    +1 If it's a hammock, it's good, period!

    hammock [ham-uhk] noun
    Man's successful attempt to sleep on a cloud

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    Most all has been said here. Great point samsara with the "half 45 degree angle" thing. Its being able to get in positions like this that make the WBBB much more "cozy" than the RR. Personally, I think due to habits I have at home, I want to turn over in the RR and, 1) it feels less stable when you're doing that, especially if you're up on a down mat (I use the RR primarily for that purpose because I love the downmat), and 2) its so narrow in the middle that your knees hit the top of the sides, which of course are rigid hard because they're holding up your weight.

    However, I love being out in the open, and while I liked being cozy in the BB, I like it more when I can just turn my head and look out. My Claytor NoNet is great for this, too, since its a relatively narrow gathered end compared to the recent trend in gathered end hammocks. Seems like there's always some sort of compromise you're making in order to get the setup just right for you. I think that's why there's so much discussion here over minutia, as folks want to minimize that compromise as much as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairbear View Post
    in my opinion,you have the cadilac dont look over the fence in wonder of what the vega would be need to go hang your rr telling it youll never think of straying again.i love mine ,and i have no regrets about packing the extra weight.ive never awoke from a nightmare where zombies are tring to rip my legs off in a bridge.the two gathered ends ive had were invented in my opinion in a vietnam prison camp for torture purposes.i know people who think just the opposite though ,so its all a matter of whats right for working on hiking poles to take the place of my spreader bars,so the weight penalty will lessen some.
    Quote Originally Posted by CB200T View Post
    You're right, I always have a nasty habit of saying to myself "I wonder..." Which usually results in me spending more money and time on something tinkering where I could be backpacking or riding my bikes etc. A habit I'm trying to break
    Absolutely... if you are comfortable and sleep like a baby in what you have then just go with it

    My issue is probably more due to my preferred sleeping position (on my side and in a loose fetal position) and, since I've learned how to get comfortable in just about anything I am able to get the most comfortable in a properly hung gathered end. The RR is INCREDIBLY comfortable though and I'll be using it tonight in my turtledog stand to lay out and watch the meteor shower. I also am very glad that I have the RR to use for taking a friend out backpacking or camping and let them use my RR and possibly sucker them into the fold

    In your case... if it ain't broke don't fix it

    The best things in life aren't things. -- Art Buchwald

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    I think asking which make/model of hammock is best is the wrong question. The “correct” hammock for you depends on your body type, sleep style, and preferences for physical hammock style(weight, simplicity, ease of set-up in different physical and weather conditions, etc.). I have my WBBB 1.1 down to under a pound with suspension and have solved the calf ridge problem by setting it up lose and using a rather firm inflatable pad at the correct angle. I am not necessarily a gram weenie but try to keep weight off of my bad knee so I can still go out and get a good night’s sleep. Combine that with the simplicity and ease of set-up of a gathered end hammock and I doubt I would consider a bridge. However, I think all personal advice on a bridge is 100% correct (just not for me).

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    I totally understand the OP purpose in gathering as much information about hammocks as possible, but yes ultimately it comes down to what's comfortable for you. I sold my WBBB because it was giving my left shoulder problems, but it was/is a great great hammock. I'm sure the gentleman that I sold it to here on HF loves it to pieces.

    Now my new no-net RidgeRunner is just plain awesome. Shouldn't even call it a hammock, it's a floating tempurpedic. It's easy to insulate and the view from the hammock is unattainable from most hammocks. The lay is great, like I said it's totally different than a gathered end....comparing apples to pears....

    If you never have to worry about bugs when you are out hanging, I would get it!

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