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    Newbie hammock choice

    Hi guys

    You have probably had this from every newbie but here in South Africa we are very limited to hammock choices! We can get BCB Fox jungle sleep system which is quite expensive, then we get the ticket to the moon hammock. The hammock and the Mozi net are well priced but the trap is very expensive. My other option is to import from the UK. I first looked at the DD Frontline with a 3x3 meter tarp but with more research I have seen that a lot of people like the Warbonnet hammocks for there comfort and design! I also saw that many people buy the Hennessey Hammocks and then end up going to the Warbonnet Blackbird or Ridgerunner depending on which type of hammock you like. I am really leaning towards the WBRR. I like the fact that you get a more flat sleep in the bridge design. With all the effort it is going to take to get a good hammock I don't want to make a mistake in getting the wrong one!

    I really need your guys help that have been to many hangs and have used many different types and models of hammocks!

    I haven't even really spent a night in a hammock, I did sleep in a hammock with a steel frame for a night but haven't hang free in the open!

    Also I see that the WBRR doesn't come with a trap which is a good tarp to get that wont cost me an arm and a leg? Are the DD tarps good?

    I thought that hammocking would be cheaper option to using a tent, I was mistaken. A decent hammock is the price of my North Face 4 season two man tent!


    Your help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ed_cik View Post
    With all the effort it is going to take to get a good hammock I don't want to make a mistake in getting the wrong one!
    I wish you luck with finding your "forever" hammock on the first try. I now have seven hammocks and the journey may not be over. I started with a Hennessy and wanted a Blackbird, but became disenchanted with non-removable integrated bugnets. I now prefer independent bugnets so I can leave them at home when bugs are not present.

    Good luck!

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    Both the RidgeRunner and Blackbird are GREAT hammocks. As are Dream Hammocks and several other manufacturers represented here on the site. As SilvrSurfr mentioned, be prepared to start with one and then try others over time.

    The one nice thing about Warbonnet is that Brandon has a 60 money back guarantee. If you aren't sure, you could always try both and return one (not sure what the shipping situation might be for you, though).

    Generally, for most (although not all), the bridge style is more comfortable but is generally heavier, needs more tarp coverage, etc.
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    You might be better off with a DIY hammock from one of the site members.
    Don't know what the tax/duty would be for you there with a homemade rig, but a very good hammock in 1.1 ripstop, whoopie suspension, tree straps + a Fronkey style bug net should run you about $130 USD + shipping.
    I just sold one I made, but could easily run off another for you if there are none available, plus, I have a couple of very inexpensive net options you could use. Polyester, but pretty tough stuff that will keep out the noseeums.
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    I can see your dilemma from your part of the world.

    I like Sr Moments idea. And you can go from there.

    The tarps suggestions are all very good.

    They DIY table cloth hammock was quite simple really.
    You would need some whoopies and possibly some amsteel loops.

    the shipping alone must be crazy!

    Just to add to the madness, I used Hennesey Hyperlight for 6 months straight this summer. I loved it! I also tried an ultra light by HH, which I think the material is more 'durable".
    I saw the ease with which a hiking mate set up her WBB. She had it set up one minute more before me every night.
    I did not have one snag, one no see um, nothing.
    I put velcro in 3 tabs on the outside of my hammock to hold the bug net when not is use.
    I sold my Hennesey when I got back and will getting a Darien UL - primarily for the weight savings and the workmanship.

    I think it really all depends on your needs.

    Are you car camping? Hiking? do you want to putz around with it? or do you need a quick set up?

    Best of luck with your choices. There really are so many.

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    Ok I want the hammock for a hunt that I am doing in winter here in South Africa. It gets down to about 5 C here in winter and maybe lower. Its going to be a pack hunt so what i can carry in a pack is what i have for the hunt. I was think maybe get a WBRR for the winter hunt and a ticket to the moon for warmer month plus then I have both styles of hammock gather and bridge. I have heard some good reviews on the TTTM hammocks!

    The will be no tax or duties if it is labeled as a gift from the seller but like i said it just to much effort to get one from here so I am going to stick to a hammock that has good reviews like the WBRR!

    Does anyone know if the DD 3x3m trap will give good cover over the RR being a bridge type hammock?

    Thanx for all the help guys but if you could maybe share your opinions on my new choices that would be great in me making my final decision!



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    Ok I want the hammock for a hunt that I am doing in winter here in South Africa.
    Ok, I'll bite and ask the stupid American question, what will you be hunting for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayDog View Post
    Ok, I'll bite and ask the stupid American question, what will you be hunting for?
    I will be hunting, Impala, Kudu and Warthog! All for eating purposes! I hunt for the meat for the house, don't like the steroid and growth hormone pumped meat that you buy from the store! It's a lot healthier and the animals I hunt are proper free range not kept in small pens and force fed!

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    Warbonnet has a great sale on hammocks and tarps right now.

    The RidgeRunner hammock and Cloudburst tarp (which is made for the WBRR) are both on sale.

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    Gonna add yet more confusion and suggest seeing as you are thinking of importing from the UK... you could have a look at ukhammocks as well, apparently the woodsman x is very good and they are also the UK distributor for warbonnet hammocks and tarps if postage/tax is cheaper from the UK.

    You should definitely consider a diy though, material is much cheaper than buying one, i just bought enough ripstop to make 2 single layer hammocks and it cost me less than 1 cheap hammock from a vendor. They are pretty easy too, I have zero thread injector skills but managed my first hammock no probs, it's probably the easiest sewing project to undertake, other than the stuff sack that the hammock will go into.

    We'll see how I get on in April when I have a go at a bug net lol.

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