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    I'm not sure about the 3x3 tarp, probably not though, the cloudburst has pull out points on it so the spreader bars don't touch the tarp and it is an extra 30cm or so longer.

    Although if it is long enough, you could use a small smooth object and put it on the inside of the tarp where the pull outs should be and tie guyline around the object through the tarp and that would work the same... not sure how well I explained that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed_cik View Post
    I really need your guys help that have been to many hangs and have used many different types and models of hammocks!

    I haven't even really spent a night in a hammock, I did sleep in a hammock with a steel frame for a night but haven't hang free in the open!

    Also I see that the WBRR doesn't come with a trap which is a good tarp to get that wont cost me an arm and a leg? Are the DD tarps good?
    Greetings Eddie

    Since you mentioned that you haven't spent a night in a hammock, I might suggest making a very inexpensive DIY gathered end hammock to see if you like it. Just find some inexpensive fabric, doesn't have to be ripstop nylon. Polyester taffeta would work top. Whip the ends and add some not stretch rope for a suspension and test it out. The following link shows how.

    You may find that you may not like a gathered end style hammock. Which then puts you into the bridge style hammock camp.

    Good luck
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