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    Any guesses on a rating.

    I have pretty much all climashield stuff. 2.5XP modular quilt and a 5XP silk covered liner.

    Also have an IX liner that is opened up enough that it breaths.

    The other day I finally finished my m90 climashield jacket. It has 5XP in the front 3.7 XP in the back and 2.5 XP in the arms. 3.7 int he hood.

    It weighs 14.8 oz for just the jacket and 2.2 oz for the hood.

    I was thinking since I will carry the jacket and hood anyway what If I DIY some booties and a Super light M50 2.5 XP or primaloft elephant foot.

    So considering I will have enough UQ, what would this take me down a guess.

    M50 2.5 XP quilt
    IX liner
    Indera blue Polypropylene johns
    Heavy socks
    Jacket and hood above.
    elephant foot


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    I don't have an answer to your question, I'm sorry... But I am interested in your booty idea... My feet get cold and I like the idea of down bootys, but to spend more on something to keep my feet warm than I spent on my boots that got me there...
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    I am thinking M50 and Climashield XP. I have 3.7, 2.5 and 5 so not sure yet.
    Dont have a pattern but I have an old pair of Snowlion Polarguard booties I have had since the late 70. They weigh about 6oz so want something lighter.

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    hm I don't know really I am just throwing in the ball park here but I would say 30 to 40 The 30 is when you have a good cold tollerance and you bunch the under quilt nice and tight and you don't have wind chill. Maybe I am pushing it with 30.
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    25-30 sounds close but I wont know until I try it out.

    Discounting whatever I put over my legs,
    If you run the CLO calc for 2.5+5 just for the upppr body you end up with about 10dF. The IX should add another 10dF but its opened up a lot.

    I used the single layer IX alone in just a M50 shell and I got down barely to 65dF sleeping with nothing on.

    With thinner legs you would give up some warmth so 30 would be a good guess, IE the IX layer, jacket, elephants foot would boost it 20-25dF.

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