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    DD Tarp for a WBRR

    Hi guys!

    I am looking at get a WBRR as my first hammock but for the tarp I was think about getting the DD 3m x3m for coverage. Would it be a good fit for the WWRR being a bridge type. Does any one have any experience with the DD tarp, is the workmanship good on them and will they withstand some good storms! What I have seen is that they really well built but I would like someone who has used one to help me out with some info!


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    I imagine it would do okay, although I can't provide any direct experience with that tarp, unfortunately.

    If you're already buying a RidgeRunner, though, I would strongly recommend the Cloudburst tarp, also by Warbonnet. It provides lots of coverage, has pull-outs right at where the spreader bars on the RR sit and has Warbonnet's great quality.

    The key is those pull-outs, spaced perfectly. Bridge hammocks benefit from that extra room underneath (so the bars don't rub the tarp) and the Cloudburst works just right.
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