I have 2 ENO DN. The 2nd I purchaced as a "ONE-LINK" system with tarp and bug-net. I have spent 20-30 nights and dozens of afternoon naps in these hammocks over the past year. I have been very satisfied. I get a comfortable flat lie. They are especially nice when the wife or the kids or whole family want to share the hammock. We have easily exceeded 400 pounds in the hammock with no worries.

I love the bug net. While a bit heavy, it feels durable enough to stand up to the abuse of my kids. The ENO tarp has kept my dry but, I could never keep it tight throughout the night. The slap-straps make decent fire-starters; I changed to whoopie/tree huggers right away.

I have almost always slept well in my ENO DN. However, I recently changed from a full length pad and synthetic mummy bag to down quilts, UQ and TQ. I now feel squeezed at the feet and top of my head. I guess the pad kept the edges of the hammock at bay.

I have begun exploring alternatives for my ENO DN but, I consider this to be an ideal FIRST hammock.

Good luck and happy hangin'