the quest to get more time away with the family, we're looking at fifth wheels. Have to get a comfortable one...and the more comfort we get, the less off-road capability we get. Probably looking at groomed dirt roads as the roughest.

Making it so much easier to get time away with the family will be great, but I want to make sure I can still get some hammock time in! So...does anyone here have experience combining hammocking with RVing?

Here are some thoughts of how to combine the two...

- RV in and use it as a base camp for a series of overnight backpacking trips. This would probably get the wife much more active in the kind of backpacking I want to do. Go out and rough it a little (for me), and then go back and take a shower (for her), repeat as necessary. Since we own the fifth wheel, the barriers (planning, mainly) for leaving on a trip will be much lower.

- Hang a hammock in the fifth wheel. Like I said, getting a decently comfortable RV is a requirement, which means expense is a consideration, and I'm not likely to rig up much of an indoor hanging solution. Possibly, but more possible that I'd just have a hammock stand to hang outside. (I'm sure I will also do that no matter what.) But...sleeping outside the RV kinda defeats the purpose of getting a nice fifth wheel in the first place. And the wife isn't as likely to enjoy time away together if I'm out in the hammock and she's alone in the bed.

So...anyone else with experience in this? Or links to other sites where folks discuss it?

I guess this is a good problem to have...I just don't want to give up hammock time just b/c we have a new toy!