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    Hammock Gear shipping

    Hi there HammockForums! After perusing these forums for quite some time now, this awesome community has convinced me to make my first hammock-related purchase <*|

    After doing much research both on and off these forums, I finally broke down and purchased my 3 season set up with a WBBB Multicam, SuperFly, and a 20* Phoenix UQ from HammockGear.

    I'm super excited to test my new shelter in some winter conditions but I have a problem, I am still missing my UQ from HG.

    My question is, what is the average/expected shipping time from HG?
    I purchased/ordered my UQ on the 8th of this month and still haven't received any notification whether or not the UQ has left their facility.

    I realize that around this time of year the road and weather conditions can be dangerous but after trying to reach out on multiple occasions to the HG staff regarding the status of my order I have only received one email back and must say I am a little disappointed in the overall service.

    I'm sure it will be worth the wait when I get this bad-boy and I hope all is well and the HammockGear headquarters >

    Merry Christmas fellow Hammockers!

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    Since each quilt is made to order by hand (part of the great quality) in the cottage-industry style small business, they sometimes take a little longer. Especially this time of the year, as you mentioned. Standard turn-around time might be 2-4 weeks (in my experience and that of others I've seen posting on the forum recently), so it may not have shipped yet.

    My experience with them is that if you email, you usually get a response but that their email timing is just a bit slower. I'd recommend giving them a call. They're super friendly and helpful, especially over the phone where you can have an immediate conversation covering much more than the more limited nature of email. I've also noticed that they're willing to prioritize or otherwise work with you to try and get things to you when you need them, once you get in touch with them to have that conversation.

    Enjoy the Phoenix once it comes in - you're putting together a GREAT setup.
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    As I understand it they are still working on the stack of orders they recieved during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. If you have a planned trip coming up let them know and they may be able to get your quilt to you ahead of time.

    As for their customer service, I don't recall anyother manufacturer hand delivering an item the night before someone's trip because shipping it would have taken too long nor anyother manufacturer hopping in the car to drive 10 hours one way to do a field repair on a tarp.

    Communication may not always be the best with the cottage folks since they can't afford to pay someone to man the phones all day, but the craftsmanship is excellent.
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    Thanks for the quick and informative reply guys, this answered all of my questions and then some.

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    I ordered a 0 degree Phoenix UQ during the Black Friday sale, I was order # 379 and I haven't received any emails from HQ other than my conformation of my order in regards to my order but I can say I know they have been pushing out orders as fast as they can. I have a trip planned for the second weekend of January so I know where you are coming from, just remember HG is a cottage company and please be patient with them.

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    No Worries

    No worries at all with your purchases from these fine folks. I purchased a TQ & from HG this year, and an UQ last year. Very high quality gear, but they are working on a ton of orders from their "Once a Year" sale, that everyone and their brother jumps on.

    For me, I would rather wait a month and get an UQ, TQ from HG, than one made in China tomorrow.

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    Heh, it's gonna be a while. I received my UQ, but it was incomplete and I'm waiting on parts so I can finish it and possibly use it. In the mean time, I ordered another quilt from elsewhere and hopefully I get that sometime soon.

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    Thought I would go ahead and post an update after getting my notification. 2-3 Days > I'm so stoked.

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    I had a problem with their ordering system. PayPal transferred the money but I never got a notification. I called several days later and asked. They took my order over the phone. It got finished in time for my trip and they fed-Exed it overnight, just to make sure.

    Great company. I know where to go when it's time for my top quilt purchase in the fall.
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    I own 8 pieces of gear lovingly made by Hammock Gear and I am awaiting 2 more pieces to complete my domination over winter. The wait is worth it and they warranty their gear. If it's defective, send it back and they will fix it. Whatever you want, if it can be done, they will make it. Like fine Irish Whiskey, handmade gear takes time. Frankly, handmade ANYTHING takes time. I will always give them my business because it is my way of Occupying Wall Street. When I move to New Hampshire and need below 0 gear, I will go to Stormcrow.
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