Hi there HammockForums! After perusing these forums for quite some time now, this awesome community has convinced me to make my first hammock-related purchase <*|

After doing much research both on and off these forums, I finally broke down and purchased my 3 season set up with a WBBB Multicam, SuperFly, and a 20* Phoenix UQ from HammockGear.

I'm super excited to test my new shelter in some winter conditions but I have a problem, I am still missing my UQ from HG.

My question is, what is the average/expected shipping time from HG?
I purchased/ordered my UQ on the 8th of this month and still haven't received any notification whether or not the UQ has left their facility.

I realize that around this time of year the road and weather conditions can be dangerous but after trying to reach out on multiple occasions to the HG staff regarding the status of my order I have only received one email back and must say I am a little disappointed in the overall service.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait when I get this bad-boy and I hope all is well and the HammockGear headquarters >

Merry Christmas fellow Hammockers!