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I'm from Frederick as well, missed the fall MAHHA due to work, but have several hammocks all waiting to be put through some testing. Thought about going to the AT trail on 40 and just heading off into the woods for some stealth camping but with 3 kids and the wife's crazy schedule till April, I will be hard pressed to find any me time.
No need to stealth camp, there are plenty of great shelter sites around. My current favorite is Rocky Run. Two shelters and a sweet swing-chair all down in a beautiful hollow. It feels remote, despite being only a couple hundred yards from some houses over the ridge. There's also a great day hike up to White Rock, which has a great view SE. On a clear day you can see well into VA. It's a mile South from Reno Monument Road, or 4.5 miles North from Gathland state park. If you go out there on a weekend night and see a hammock it's likely me.

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I live right outside of B-More city. I've gone to several MAHA's as well as other group hangs and us MD'ers do represent. Maybe once the weather gets nice again well have to have a MD BBQ at a local park or something like that.
I'd love to do something like that on the AT. I've been considering hauling my Weber into the above mentioned site for a while to spend the day hanging and smoking (pork of course!)