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    Underquilt and the buginator

    I'm thinking of getting the camper with a buginator. How would this pull together with my underquilt? I'm assuming the tightness factor may cause for CBS from squishing the down. also should I get the double layer for mosquito issues on the underside... I dont want to wake up and find the lil suckers have bit my *** through the bottom of the hammock!

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    There should be no issues at all. You can always not cinch the bottom as much as normal to give a little more room. I'm not sure what the bug situation is there, but here if it's cold enough to have "underquilt temps" there aren't any bugs out. I used mine together at the Mid Tenn. fall hang because of the day temps. Feel free to call with any questions. My number is on the site.
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    A DL is awesome for keeping your butt unbitten; that said, it depends on how you sleep. I usually wear at least a thin pair of britches (even in summer). I often put down a layer on top of my hammock, too, meaning I don't have to use a DL hammock to keep my butt mosquito free.

    The Buginator will pull against your UQ, but you can keep the bungee cord a little slack to prevent it from compressing the down. It will still create a seal and keep out the critters. The cord will only compress a small area (a ring shape) but inside the ring, there will be no compression because the down will not be sticking out and outside the ring, the net will be gathered and loose, and it will not cause much compression there either.

    One thing I have noticed is that our net does hold in "some" heat. When using my Buginator on cool nights without a UQ, I can feel a draft in the area beneath my seat. With a UQ or a pad, it goes away.
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    I love the buginator. Did not notice any compression of my underquilt when using it.

    If you are using an underquilt, you don't need a double layer hammock unless your mosquitos are the size of sparrows :-(


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