Today I went to my local amsteel blue dealer (in Edmonton Alberta Canada). It took me a while to find an outfit up here that sold the stuff, and the smallest diameter they had was 3/16 inch. So, I had no choice but to buy it. I have read all the threads on whoopie construction, and watched all the vids on youtube and they all sing the same refrain, use 7/64 inch gauge.
Okay, I went ahead and constructed a pair of whoopies out of the 3/16 amsteel. The fixed eye is held with a locked brummel, and the adjustable eye has a bury of 12 inches. I am hoping that this will constrict enough to allow for no slippage. Does anyone have experience with this gauge of amsteel? Should I use the 7/64 gauge? The whoopies seem to hold my weight perfectly, I am not a large man, only 160 pounds.
The gent at the shop said that this gauge had a break strength of over 2000 lbs, but that would decrease by about 10 percent after the splice was complete. So, if anyone has tried whoopie slings with 3/16 gauge amsteel blue, here is a thread to post your results.