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Thread: Sew-up PLUQ

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    Sew-up PLUQ

    I while back I made 2 sew-up PLUGs with 2 layers of Insultex added. I live in central California and it was warm this summer to say the least, so it was hard to tell how affective they were. I had played with the susupensions the last month or two and finally went with a variation of the new Leighlo set up, 2/3 1/8" shock cord and 1/3 1.75 tech line. I sewed line locks to each corner and am very happy with the set up. You can set the tention of the shock cord by tightening the tech line but can still position the positon of the UQ. With the lines coming back to the UQ it keeps it from sagging. I tried the prussiks off of the ridgeline and just didn't like it. So I went back to triangles made from some 2.2 fling-it I had I used for bear bag lines. They are 13" between loops. Ok back to the weather, last week we finally had a little rain, for those in the midwest or east a drizzle, here a driving rain storm. We also had several nights that got down close to 32 degrees. I spent 3 nights in my Knotty series stretch side with my quilt. I use a Kelty down 20 degree bag as a TQ and seemed to stay pretty toasty. Some times I think I get a little tingle in my butt, I'm a side sleeper normally, so I think it is a little "butt goes to sleep" for lack of a better term. Didn't seem to happen with my thermarest and pads. The second and third nights I added a 1/4" section of pad about 2 ft. square right under my butt to be sure. Same thing, I felt around and it seemed warm so I think it is me, I didn't feel cold. So my thermometer say good to about freezing which was way more than I expected, I will now pass them on to my son and grandson, knowing they will be plenty warm into the 40-50's. I have been sitting on material for a Climashield UQ and cant wait.

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    Wow Gary that's cool. Passing on the love of the outdoors in the most comfy way possible. I love my pluq, and ordering another soon since mines got a couple years of use now and it's starting to show its age (tq as well). Good luck to you on your venture with cs. I might be going down that road soon too...
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