When you sit down in your hammock do you then put your head
down toward your left side or to your right side? This decides how you
roll out when you get out. You either roll left or roll right.

I think most people choose the side they are using at home.
Depending on which side of your bed you prefer or may be assigned to,
It most likely carries over to your hammock.

Of course with most gathered end hammocks you have all the options
you can get in on one side and get out on the other side with your head
at either end.

On some hammocks you have to adjust your roll to fit the hammock.
I think that on a Warbonnet BB with the shelf and footbox you need
to roll left.

With a JRB bridge, a right roll is caused by head spreader bar and
fixed net on one side.

With a Ridgerunner the head end is chosen for you but You can get in from both sides. So you can decide whether to roll left or right because the netting is at the foot end. However if you put a spindrift on your RR the
opening is on the right so you must roll right to get out.

By looking at videos from HF members you can sometimes tell which
way they roll. It appears that Shug rolls to the left most of the time but he
probably rolls both ways.

I like to roll right. How do you roll?