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    Removing Poison Ivy from my Clark

    Hey guys, (to skip my rant and jump right to the question, read last paragraph)

    New to HF and have enjoyed reading all of your posts.

    I have a Clark Tropical and am currently sitting here nursing my second case of poison ivy in as many weeks. Two weekends ago I got the nasty rash and went to Doc for the shot. Once it cleared I didn't think much of it because I had never had an outbreak like that in my life. To give you an idea, it covered 50-60% of my body. I seriously thought it was going to kill me! It cleared up nicely after the shot so I went camping last weekend. In all fairness the Doc said I would be more susceptible to urushoil but I really made sure to stay away from it this trip.

    Needless to say I am currently covered again and received another shot yesterday. Not wanting to go through this again I have cleaned all my gear...with the exception of my hammock. I called Clark and asked what they recommended. They suggested putting the hammock in a bucket with a couple drops of soap and sloshing it around. Said to stay away from the washing machine because it would ruin the waterproofing of the material.

    Question? (insert Dwight Schrute voice)...have any of you had this issue, specifically urushoil inside your hammock and if so how did you remove it?

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