My $.02 as another person hyper-sensitive to PI.

For some, PI on clothing/fabrics may not be a problem, but I have gotten poison ivy from my KID's clothes after I carried an armload to the washer.

Unbroken plants? Try the leaf tip brushing softly on one spot. I had a big PI blister that took 6 weeks to heal.

Prednisone shots and pills only help me somewhat, and it still takes 6 weeks for the PI to clear.

Usually, I can't find jewel weed when I want it. When a friend helped my locate some, my rash got worse. This one wasn't from PI, but from sunscreen or bug repellant. I don't know which one got me that time. It is tough to be a redhead who is allergic to most sunscreens. I will try jewel weed again, but wil also make sure I wash my hands and the affected area first. Maybe I just respread whatever the allergen was.

I have brushed poison ivy plants doing yard work, looked down to see what I just bumped, and immediately washed the area twice with Technu and still broke out. This happened more than once. I'm glad that Technu works for some, but can't depend on it.

One big piece of advice: Get to a health food store and buy some "Rhus Tox" homeopathic pills to carry. If I THINK I have brushed some poison ivy, I try to clean it off with hand sanitizer and let a couple of Rhus Tox pills dissolve under my tougue. So far, no more rashes. If I haven't done this, the Rhus Tox pills help me more than prednisone does with fewer possible dangerous side effects. (And no doctor bill.)

Another shared piece of experince-Most of my gear has been washed on the gentle cylce of my front load washer using Atsko Sport Wash with no bad effect. I've washed items from silk dresses to Firefighter turn-out gear with this product and been happy with the results. No residue, no fading, no perfumes, no optical brighteners are in the laundry product.