Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the idea of whoopie slings and straps to hang my hammock. I'm used to hanging mainly in my DD hammock with the supplied cordage which I wrap around a tree and tie at the front in a bow, adjusting this can be a pain and the pack size is to big for me now.

please accept my apologies if this has been answered before, though I don't know what to search to find my answers..

this is what I am aiming to do,

I'm planning on making my own hammock with an integrated midge net, this is going to be a lot lighter then my current DD though I have no idea what you are all talking about with whoopies and all sorts of other suspension terms.

if I understand it correctly a strap is mearly there to protect the tree from rope burn and strangulation, it therefore only needs to be slightly longer than the largest tree girth that you will hang from.

where do whoopie slings come in? and what stops the rain from running down the tree to the rope and into your hammock?

also what would be the options for having the tarp and hammock attached to the same line? so I only have one thing wrapped around the tree.. in my mind i would have the tree, tarp and then hammock in order of attachment points though not sure how to prevent the water from running into my hammock (living in Scotland it rains a lot) also how would I adjust the tension on the tarp/hammock?

these may be silly questions and my post may be all over the place (typing as I think) though any help would be greatly appreciated..

thank you in advance