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Oh, and I guess I should mention this:

I am NOT sponsored by Handy Hammock, nor do I have any business relationship with them, in case anyone thought differently or was curious. As I stated in my review, I was given a review sample upon request.

I do not receive any royalties, kick-backs, or renumeration for any of this. My review was as objective as I could make it, detailing what I saw were flaws or challenges with the stand.

Anyway, I just thought MAD777 and Roadrunner72 might be interested that I tested the stand with an 11' hammock. It works.
Never thought you were sponsored by them. Thought your review was an unbiased opinion. Just my. 02. Glad to see that it can be used with the longer hammocks. I actually reread your review, and saw that you tried different hammocks. If I ever did get one, I would make the changes that you recommended, as I think it would be an improvement......RR