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    One more thing!

    Hints on how much rope I will need for the real deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQueen View Post
    One more thing!

    Hints on how much rope I will need for the real deal?
    If you're using cord all the way to the tree, I'd say 8-9 feet each end. That's assuming you use huggers too, which you should. If you're using webbing to the tree, only about 3 feet or so.
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    Ok! I have tried the prototype on my oldest son and my youngest son.

    It was -25C out today so I didn't want to put it up outside. So the pictures are in my messy basement(kids play down there!)

    I used an old twin sized sheet. It is a little wide for the kids but I think I like it that wide because it will allow for a sleeping mat, sleeping bag etc. I may knock off a little width on the long sides but not much. Especially if I make centre tie outs to pull it out more like the hennessy. Sewing on a bug screen wouldn't take much either!

    My son really liked the rear entrance! It was super easy for the five year old to get into! I hung it a little high considering I was using the basement centre pole and the stair rungs for tie outs! The way that I folded the cut end, made it close up as soon as the feet were out of the way. It is whipped in an A-sym way, so that they are comfy in it on the diagonal.

    What I did was lay the retangle material on the kitchen floor and fold it in half long ways. Then I measured 2 feet on either end. Then I cut from the one end to about mid way down the fabric. I didn't finish these cut ends because it was only a prototype. If this was the real deal I would finish the edges.

    I crossed the two cut pieces onto each other (to make it close up) and then folded in half and whipped like on Jeff's site. I whipped the other end. I am planning on sewing in a ridge line accross the top of the hammock and also sewing on a rectangle or diamond of no-see-um fabric for the top on the real deal.

    This is the view from the top, showing the bottom opening after it is hung.

    Getting ready to enter the hammock

    Laying down in comfort!

    Now to go shopping for the fabric for the real deal!

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    Cool project. If I get around to making one I am going to leave out the bottom entry.

    Speaking of that with my thru a month away I really should figure out what hammock I am going to take.
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    we get mosquitos and other flying bugs really bad in the summer, so a bug net is a must! the bottom entry will help with that!

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    You can buy tree huggers from, but they're super simple to make...just a webbing with loops sewn into the ends.

    I've broken 550 cord twice now, which is the paracord used by the military. Be sure your paracord is actually tested to 900 may not be safe otherwise.

    And don't forget that a hanging hammock can put several times your weight in force on the walls. Turk (another Canadian) pulled his door frame down on top of him and his daughter not too long ago. So make sure you're using a strong hook in a stud or something similar that's good to 1000lbs or more, especially if there's a chance the kids will be bouncing in it or if adults will be using it.
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    i sure don't want to make anyone paranoid or any thing, but it's probably a good idea to do a reality check on the hammock supports.
    like jeff said there's more force than just your body weight.
    and i've dropped a few times.
    most of the time there was no problem. but one of those times i chipped a bone in my elbow. it hurt for months.
    i've herd of a few others getting injuries that took a while to get over.
    some of the possibilities could be injuring your spine or tail bone, as well as bruised back-side
    when i'm testing (or just using) my hammock inside, i always have a ccf pad on the floor w/ a memory foam pillow on top of that. sometimes more
    maybe we should start a thread & talk about hammock safety?
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