Attention northern cali hangers!

I'm looking to set up north of Lake Berreyessa this saturday to test out some gear I made. Does anybody out there have this weekend off and like to join me?
Fair warning, this is BLM land so there are no established campsites and thus no amenities. The weather looks to be partly cloudy for saturday/sunday with a low of 32degrees. I'm still not sure on the exact spot I'm going to set up, usually I have gone solo and just wing it.

I live in Woodland and am planning on heading towards the lake about 10 am to arrive at about noon(it doesn't have to take that long for me to get there, but I can't help but stop and soak in some sweet views an/or take some pics)

I'd like to do some hiking in the afternoon or possibly some fishing and plenty of lounging/reading in the hammock. I'm probably going to keep my site pretty close to the road, in case my underquilt is a total failure I can still bail to my truck. Also, to be able to bring some luxury items.

If anybody is interested hit me up with a PM or reply to this thread, I'll be keeping an eye on it in the following days.
I will be going regardless, but it would be great to have some company!