My wife has been an angel and rewarded me with many things for Christmas despite my somewhat mischievous over the past year. After a couple of less than inspiring days at work, I decided I would take advantage of my Thursday and Friday off and head to the woody hills of southern Ohio.

My plan is to hike all of Zaleski State Forest trail in two days, some 25 miles of hilly terrain. It will be my first trip into the woods by myself, and my 4th backpacking trip ever. First night in the woods with a hammock. Third time setting up my tarp. First time using a spindrift, and second time using a Lynx. I'm unabashedly a little nervous.

Now, at this point, I haven't actually left yet. That will occur in seven hours' time when I drive over the Hammock Gear's shop to meet Stormcrow and Thorwren and pick up the down pillow they made me out of the blue. That occurs at 0900. After that, it'll be another 30 miles south to the trail head. Aiming to have boots to dirt at 1000.

So, one last thing, something I'm always curious to know (some of you may find this part boring, so skip ahead if you don't like gear lists.) What's in my pack?

ULA Circuit, RRw/net, Cloud Burst in snake skins I made tonight, Spindrift, 20 Full lynx, Kelty Cosmic Down sleeping bag, 35L drysack, Mtn Hardware down jacket, Terra Mar thermal wool shirt and liners, hat, liner gloves, AGG rain coat w/ pit zips, cabelas rain pants, REI Merino hiker socks, food stuffs including hawk's vittles lasagna for one, Black Box Pino Grigio (I think), other misc food, Swen Saw, Mora Kniv Mil. 1, Ti Pot, Fosters Pot, Cozy, Spoon, camera, note pad/pen, book, aquamira, Element Ti, Mini Atomic, UCO Micro candle lantern, head light, hiking sticks, toiletries, lighter, fire steel and a whole lot of excitement.

So, now you all have the preview, the rest is yet to come. I'll put up the rest of the report upon my return. Oh, Base weight is 10.6lbs, Pack weight sans water, but with fuel and food is 21.2lbs.