Just found out about this site. I got into this because I was tired of not sleeping well on my sons Boy Scout campouts. The hammock has greatly increased my enjoyment. Have taken my hammock on one 12 mile backpacking trip and another weekend campout with my sons troop and we are plotting another backpacking overniter here real soon. I have the Hennessey Explorer Deluxe Asym Zip with the Hex fly. I opted for the 300 lb rated set-up just for durability. Got a smokin deal on my son an Expedition model that he is going to be sending in to 2Q for a zipper add. We also have ordered some Amsteel Blue to make our own Whoopies to simplify our setup.

Great job here. We love the Shug videos and are looking at making up some sort of pad stabilizing devices for our underinsulation. Mom thinks we are ou tof of minds. Little does she know that is exactly the way we like it.