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    TX>LSHT>Let's Try This Again>2/22 Thru 2/24

    Spaceweaseal and I are headed out to Section 1 of the LSHT again to try and hike that portion of the trail we got beat out of back in November. The Man can slow us down, but he can't keep us down. We're growed *** men and we'll do what we want! Liberty or Death! God Bless Texas!

    Copies of LSHT Trail guide for this section

    Trail Map

    Tentative plan is to arrive Friday 2/22, park at PARKING LOT #1, then hike APPROX 1/2 miles down THE LITTLE LAKE CREEK LOOP TRAIL to a clearing that Caveman had located previously. Supper and breakfast at camp, then south along the MAIN LSHT to its intersection with the SAND BRANCH TRAIL, down it to the LITTLE LAKE LOOP TRAIL, and back North on it. Destination will be one of several campsites Spaceweaseal and I scouted during the Butt Bake in the vicinity of where the LITTLE LAKE LOOP TRAIL intersects FS Road 211A. Total mileage for Saturday is 10 +/-. We're not going to try the longer loop through the Wilderness, but others can give that a shot and meet us at the camp site. Be advised, however, that the Little Lake Wilderness can become impassable during wet weather, and we've had a lot of that round here lately.

    The map shows two ponds on the trail, and one near the campsite. We know there is good dependable water at that last pond. It may be possible to cache water near the destination at the road just south of FS211A as that is open year round, or where the trail crosses FM1097. All of these cache sites are near the destination.

    Hike out is either 3.5 miles back on the MAIN LSHT via the WEST FORK TRAIL or 3.05 miles on the LITTLE LAKE LOOP TRAIL.
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