Okay all,
I have been a hanger now for 3 years. My weapon of choice was a ENO DN with the Fly Tarp and Bug net. Don't get me wrong, it has served me very well and the decision to purchase this set was a little short notice for a Kayak Trip.

Since I have started making more and longer trips, I am looking for a setup that will provide me a little more room and also able to be deployed "on the ground" if needed. There has been time that I needed to stay on the water longer that I wanted to due to the fact I couldn't large enough trees to hang from.

I have read all the posts I could and have been eye balling the NX250. Seems like a rock solid unit and would be a good investment. But the cost keeps holding me back.... Maybe I just need some positive support to push me to the edge. I have been setting the $$ aside, so I'm almost there.

In a nut shell, this is how I use my gear. I take multiple over night kayak trips and at least one week long trip. I live in WI and have spent nights hanging as early as April and as late as Oct. I make all my trips in a Kayak and haul all my needed gear from start to finish. I feel I take good care of my gear, but want something that can take "being used".. Money is an issue, but it isn't, if that makes sense. In my mid 40's, I have learned, "You get what you pay for". So help me out and give me that little push I need to move forward and start enjoying what "seems" like a VERY NICE setup.

Thanks in advance,