Nothing too exciting, but I feel pretty awesome right now regardless! I bought my first hammock, an ENO SN late last fall, and have recently become addicted to the thought of getting ready for hammock camping this spring. This forum was referenced bazillions of times, and lots of folks here recommend using whoopie slings for suspension.

I bought about 100' of Amsteel Blue from Redden Marine as suggested elsewhere in the forum (dirt cheap), and it arrived yesterday. I've spent the past 24 hours learning to make whoopie slings, continuous loops, and soft shackles, all of which are awesome.

About an hour ago, I "installed" the two whoopie slings that were intended to replace my suspension and took out the heaver ENO stuff. It's so cool!

It seems like it gets potentially messy when you stuff the hammock back in, but I'll get used to it. Next up is a ridgeline, and possibly a bishop's bag, as it looks pretty nifty when you string your bag on one side, and eject your hammock from the bag to the other tree.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for sharing so much information. This has been a blast!