Got a shipment notification Monday for my new HammockGear 20* Burrow, extra wide, 2 oz overstuff. Was SUPER excited to try it out after a month or so wait. It'll come in handy in our very long, very cold stretches here in Denver this year.

After about 12 hours of tracking, though, things stopped moving (or at least showing as moving) and never show as leaving Ohio (HammockGear's home state).

I contacted USPS and they said it takes a full week before they show it as lost - so if it isn't here miraculously on Monday, I'll have to figure out how to address things with HammockGear. I already sent them an email/PM as a note to see how to proceed - I'm assuming/hoping that they insure their shipments so it's a 0 issue and they can expedite making me a new one and re-shipping it out to me.

All I can do is say that USPS continues to disappoint. I know they're often the cheapest to ship but I've never been super happy with their service. That, and I imagine there's a very warm mailman out there somewhere.