I swung by our local fabric store today to check out the selection, and found about 8 different bolts of ripstop nylon (all the same, just different colours). It is listed as WR/PU coating, which I'm pretty sure means it;s been waterproofed?
Anyway, the entire store is going on sale next week, 50-75% off everything, so I was thinking I would pick some up to try making either a hex or winter tarp if the price is right. I'm sure I can drag it all over to my folks place and get help from my mom with the sewing part.
The one part I'm not positive on is what thread to use for the stitching, and what has to be done to the stitching to stop leaks. The material is sold in 150cm width only, so I'll have to join two pieces together to get the width I need, which means a lot of holes directly above me.
This will be my first sewing project since a really bad pair of turquoise sweat pants I made in grade 8 home ec class. Any pointers would be appreciated.