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    Quote Originally Posted by Fronkey View Post
    Here are some tips on how to do it.

    Dude, that was a seriously funny video! "SQUIRREL!"

    I'm just getting started taking Lars-Erik, my 2 y.o rottweiler/german sheperd/briard-mix out with me (weird name for a 100 pound dog, I know..). He's been going to the woods with the family and the rest of the pack before, though not alone with "daddy" so he's a bit insecure still, but it's coming along nicely I think.

    I bring a kind of a sock/tent kind of thing for the hammock, it's an old popup tent that I removed the poles from, turned it upside down and modded a bit to suit this purpose. I really should put some pics of it in my gallery, keeps slipping my mind..
    He sleeps just below/to the side of me, on a ccf pad, and he has his own little net window that he can peek out of if he so wishes. Brought an extra sleepingbag for him just in case, and went for a trial run in -10c a few weeks ago. Worked out absolutely great, and I was real proud of him in the morning for not having made a single sound all night.

    It's just more fun to take the dog along, and threads like these makes me want to take things a little bit further.

    Great info and stories everybody, happy hanging!

    Cheers / SwedeMix & Lars-Erik
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