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Confession time...I have only camped a few times in OK. I'm not originally from here and never really had the ambition or want to camp alone. Most of my camping experience comes from Kodiak, Alaska and the Appalachians in New Jersey.

However now that I have someone in my life that enjoys the outdoors *almost* as much as I do....I can combine my love for camping with my ultimate passion for kayaking. My discovery of hammock camping has this quickly brewing into an obsession I can feel it.

Now, that being said, I can DEFINITELY tell you a great spot to camp although I've never actually camped there I have kayaked there many times. It is a place called Shell Lake. It is located just west of Sand Springs Oklahoma and is surrounded by miles of state land. It serves as a water supply lake for Tulsa and as such is very untouched by the general public. The lake is not large enough for recreational boating and is too large for avid fishermen in the area(although lots of catfish jugging does occur here). This often results in me having the whole lake to myself when kayaking its many beautiful shorelines (even in the summer!)

I kayak this lake in all seasons and I have also hiked the forests surrounding it as well...and...thinking back and learning about hammock camping as I have been I can only drool at the prospect of setting up in some cool spots!
That sounds like an awesome place...I will Google it for sure.....thanks