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    what type of hammock and hang?

    Ok I have been toying with the idea of replacing my bed with a hammock. I just moved from my small one bedroom apartment in Harlem to a room share in NJ (saved $1400 a month) . My room is ruffly 10X10 in a older building. I am trying maximize space (so a stand is not an option) and do as little damage as possible. Do y'all have any suggestions. On hang methods and type of hammock to get. Seeing as this will be my bed do I still want a camping hammock or one of these Mayan hammocks.


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    Webbing and rings
    Corner to corner attached (and centered) to the ceiling rafters is my recommendation.
    You should get a Brazilian and a Mayan. The Mayan will be great for those NJ summers, but winter is the realm of a solid piece of cotton fabric.
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    I am 260 and 5'6" would that hold you think?

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    Here's how I did it. One wall is framed wig 2x6 studs and rhetoric other is concrete block on the concrete side I used tapcon screws and on he woe side I used 3.5 inch deck screws and according to what engineering info I could find the concrete side should be able to hold 1750 pounds and the wood side should b able to hold at least 1400 pounds and as far as comfort goes there's no beating a large size Mayan hammock check out that is where I got the three Mayan hammocks that I own their quality is good their prices are fair and the shipping is reasonable. Their nylon hammock s like sleeping on a firm mattress and either of the cotton ones are like a medium to soft matress but either way you go it eliminates the pressure points that a spring mattress has. And as far as the weight issue goes. I have. Had a little over 600 pounds(3 people) in my hammock no problem
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