rookiehanger (a/k/a bobbwca) has a private park on the Kishwaukee River near Rockford. He has posted up in, and has allowed me to post up here:

Anyone else want to give this a try?

I've always wanted to try winter camping so I am going to do it.
This is an invite for anyone else on this site to come try it too. This will be held at the same park as the Spring Wing night in Rockford, IL. I am out there many hours during the winter months and would like to stay overnight, so I am inviting any and all of you to come campout with me this winter! I have plenty of fire wood, no drinking water, (well is froze) two out houses, and that is about it. Lets do it!

Let me know if interested!

I put the link here in case you want to look at that thread, too

rookiehanger, this is your party, so please go ahead and post up directions, etc.