That IS one nice area!!

Remember also, the Grasslands also has the "cross timbers" area. And stop by the Grasslands office in Decatur. Look over the map of what all the area is! There is a major patchwork of it there north of Decatur. Then another section, the Caddo section to the east. When we do an orienteering event, we only allow teams on the beginner course, only advanced people can go out as regular individuals. We do that because the place is unfenced, dirt roads and not many fences! Unlike city parks and boy scout ranches, at LBJ, you cross the wrong road and the next stop I tell the kids, it the Red River! And while places like the SID Boy Scout ranch is 2500 acres, LBJ is something like 20,000 acres. Lots of places to hang, or get lost.
Did you all see a lot of equestrians? When I'm out up there, I always see a lot of horse folks. Very nice people.