I've gone off the deep end! 18 of the jackets have made their way into my house! I've pretty much cleared out the three stores within my normal commute... Now I just need to start working on them! I had this weird fear that if I didn't buy them all up, I would be one short of something I wanted to do, and they would be all gone!

End results I am hoping for;
TQ's and UQ's for myself, my wife, and my 6 year old. ( Should take up 12 of them or so...with a couple left over to wear or convert to a vest at least.(luckily I wear a 3XLT in these, so I have options to use them for something else if needed!)

I might try to make a really loose quilt style blanket for around the house with the rest. Just having the jackets lay across my legs while I was sorting them was nice and cozy!