MokoLoko, I really like the pockets going across the side of the quilt, did you leave those functional? Looks like a convenient spot for a few lightweight items. Also, I like the coverage of your UQ, I hope mine isn't too narrow.

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How many oz you think you added?
I haven't messed with down enough to make a good guess at that. However, I do know what parts I pulled down from and where I put it. Each back panel has the down from one of the spare front panels. The two panels on either side have the down from the strips from the top of the back panels, the little triangle pieces, and the two trapezoid shaped pieces. The sleeves contain two panels, one larger than the other. I traced the outline of the smaller one on top of the larger one, then pushed the down to one side, stitched, and cut off the excess material. Because those panels were also longer, that leaves about two extra channels of down that I put into the smaller sleeve pieces. I could have pulled the down out of the collar pieces, but I chose to use those on as draft tubes.

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Would love to hear some weight/temp #'s?
I crammed mine into the stuff sack this morning. Total weight = 584 grams (20.6 oz). Hopefully I can try it out this weekend. Lows are in the 30's, but possible rain/snow mix.

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Nice job. Redistributing the down and putting the ribbon back on the seams - you sir clearly have more patience than me!
Shifting the down was the easy, reattaching the ribbon was a very tedious task, I'm not very good with the thread injector and that stuff is small and slippery, even with pins.

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Awesome UQ Snarky! love the sleeve idea. sewing all the small triangles was a pain. I have just started on my third one and I think I will do the same on mine. My fill level was pretty even throughout. I just wish the sewing had been. You never knew if you were ripping one or three seams...
Actually, I have to thank the_lorax for the sleeve idea, I saw that on his UQ, I just reshaped the panels a little to suit my needs. As to the down distribution, it really was my back panels that seemed pretty flat, but once I started shifting down around, I decided to do it throughout. I agree on the sewing, one jacket came apart pretty easy, the other was a pain and I used a lot of tape to keep the down from going everywhere.