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    Modded Chinook Tarp

    Modded my 12 x 9.6 Chinook Tarp for my WBBB Hammock. It kinda morphed from one idea into many and before I knew it it took me a week to complete it. I have a few pics of the build and a video walk around at the end. Here goes:

    First thing I did to the tarp was sew webbing over the metal grommets at the center tie out points at the ridgeline. Added a key ring to attach zing-it with Prusic Knots to tie up the tarp to the ridgeline (above the tarp).

    Zing-it continuous ridge line with a Dutch hook on one end and tarp flyz on the other end.

    As you most of you know the bottom metal grommets are not at all centered correctly so I ended up making my own tie out points with webbing sewed to reinforced material on the tarp (glued and sewn in place). It also at these points allowed me to create doors. On the right closed, left open.

    The doors I decided to sew on velcro, works very good. I ended up tying them to the ground with a stake also so they dont blow around in the wind.

    The side pullouts were another creation (not my own). Measured and reinforced inside and out with heavy material glued and sewed in place with a plastic loop.

    I had a bunch of quilt hooks from Dutch left over so I decided to use them for this since they are easy to install and remove. Basically you can see for yourself in the pic how its routed. Starts at one corner of tarp ridgeline, thru the side tarp tie out to the walking stick on a key ring, thru other side tarp tie out to the other end of the ridgeline. (sorry for same pic)

    Then I have Jacks R Better self tensioning guylines at all points on my tarp and walking sticks to pull out the sides and keep it tight all night. Even made my own self tensioning rings out of a poly material, really strong and light weight.

    Basically what all this does on the sides is give me tons of room on the inside. Here is a shot of just the right side pulled out and left just staked out like normal.

    Here is both sides pulled out. Gives it almost a cabin look LOL

    Heres my Hammock inside

    Look at the room

    This is where I was at that made me want doors, very cold that weekend (20 miles over two days with the boy scouts). It did break the wind and kept me nice and toasty.

    32' when we got there, 23' that night. Boys slept in the cabin with the fireplace.

    Me and my Hiking/Camping buddy Sam. Yea, he was a little cold too so we put on one of my sons jacket, he loved it

    Here is the video I made of the tarp, hopefully its alright. Any questions just ask.
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