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That's actually ingenious. With a normal "Y" guyline the force applied to the mid-panel tie-out is outward (perpendicular to the ridgeline) but also toward each other. There is the potential to cause slack in the fabric between the two tie-outs.

By running the line through the tie-out and up to the end of the ridgeline, the force is outward as before but also AWAY from each of the tie-outs. This should result in putting tension on the fabric between the tie-outs.

It would be interesting to setup the tarp with one side done conventionally and the other using this method to make a comparison.
Exactly, that's why I did it that way. I had seen a video, sorry don't remember which one, but he did run them both ways and going to the Ridgeline was the best. Does make sense as it it pulls it up and away from each other. Thanks all for the kind words. It does work really well, reason for all the quilt hooks was because I didn't want to have to stuff all that string somewhere while taking down the tarp. Easy to install and remove and roll up for next time, especially when it's cold outside. My whole idea was simple, easy and fast with frozen fingers.