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    Hi from Alabama

    Hi all,
    I live near the Pinhoti Trail in NE Alabama, have been backpacking, on trail or bush whacking, some 35 years, and have seen many changes (other than left foot, right foot), my most recent being a hanger convert (2 years). Man what a difference! My back thanks you, my dry gear thanks you, my 'leave no footprint' thanks you, etc.
    I started with a HH Exped Asym; good hammock, but didn't care for the non-removable ridgeline and permanent bugnet. Then after seeing a friend's Clark, I picked up a North American and am well pleased! I've discovered that many hangers are tinkerers, and I've been doing a little tinkering too. I've used the CNA on a few outings so far, and will again soon on an upcoming AT section in March.
    I've learned a great deal while lurking here for a while, and will add my own beans to the stew soon.
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