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    Top quilt footbox draw cord or sleeping bag end

    I am making my first top quilt but I dont know the best way to finish the footbox. Should I just run in a draw cord or will I finish it like a mummy sleeping bag. The sleeping bag looks better and I think would be warmer but I am not sure if I would be able to do it.

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    quilt footbox sewn

    Simply sewing the footbox closed is the easier way and the warmest..however you don't have the option to vent the foot end if needed. For a winter quilt i would sew the footbox closed. The mummy style footbox is not necessary..simply sew the perimeter of the footbox closed with quilt turned inside out so the seam is hidden.. wrap around 12" along bottom edge (toward head end).Bartack the stopping point and/or reinforce with a small piece of grossgrain ribbon. For warmer weather quilts i would use a drawcord closure that you can vent. Cheers
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    I have built them both ways and I like a sewn in footbox.
    Less hardware on the bottom end and if its hot just hang your feet out.

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