This set up is used but not abused.
Non-smoker, no pets.
5 nights total in shelters.
5 nights total in hammock.

This consists of a Mont Bell "Ultra Light Super Stretch Down Hugger #1 Long" sleeping bag. As seen here:

A 190 sleeping pad.
As seen here:

Attachable Pillow.
As seen here:

A sleeping bag liner/silk sheet.
As seen here:

I only used the sheet one night. Too confining, It does not stretch like the bag does.

Both the pack bag and the storage bag (breaths and is bigger) comes with the sleeping bag.
I have the bags for the pad and the liner/silk sheet.

DSC_2714 (Custom).JPG

DSC_2715-2 (Custom).jpg

I would like $425 for everthing shipped (Con US).

If you need more pictures, pm me.
Thanks for looking.