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    OFFICIAL photo and video thread of the FH3 hang!!!!!

    I personally had so much fun talking to everyone and learning from everyone willing to teach the classes.
    These photos are HUGE if you click on them, so you'll really be able to see whats going on.

    Thank you so much for having this event TIMBERR AND GUMBO!
    Thank you vendors and forum members for donating the raffle prizes!

    I personally won cinch buckles from Dutchware, and a half bug net, custom made by....someone, please come up and let me know who you are!!! ( I forgot your handle! )

    ALL of the food I tried was FANTASTIC!

    Friday night;
    blueberry cobbler

    Saturday morning;
    4 batches of MM breakfasts, each had their differences.
    Gumbo which I liked, and the shrimp boil ( the shrimp in the boil was the only thing I could eat due to spice content in everything else )
    I honestly dont know what was in the bacon and corn thing, but I think that was my FAVORITE food I tried there, sadly it was gone after my one helping, PLEASE someone tell me what it was!!

    Sunday morning;
    The little french doughnut things

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