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    3rd FL Hang-Buck Lake, Ocala Nat. Forest

    I am also trying to stick to the "One Thread" approach.
    Interestingly, the first thread is closed so I moved it to a new one. (???)

    The 3rd annual hang was over for me yesterday. The hardiest continue through today.

    I have to say "Best Yet"!!

    Thank you's are in order to all for the success, but, especially to the following.

    1.What I call the "CPU" of this thing
    Gumbo and Timberr

    The second tier of key players Taught classes , cooked specialty foods or led hikes or kayak excursions:

    Itsandy -Kayak
    Shannon -several land navigation courses and crafts
    Busan321 Knife sharpening
    Samsara hammocks
    OldDog kids stuff
    Black Wolf -smoked fresh hams to die for
    Madd777 -specialty foods and hike leadership
    Detail Man-Designed and fabricated the dinner bell
    Flackfizer- started this thing "back in the day" It's sure got a life of it's own now. Thanks, Phil

    I know there's others, forgive me, I'm old. <G>

    Third tier consists of all the folks who willingly volunteered as needed.
    Too many to mention and many would be omitted if I tried to remember them all.

    The event is a lot like a cruise line, with more than enough of everything.

    I think this is the only recurring event I attend which has no one there that I try to avoid. You're all quite a bunch!! Thanks for coming!!

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    Dear moderators
    Please cancel this post (#1) I can't do it via edit. I have transferred it to the proper thread.

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