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Yes I have. I did it split in two different trips due to the friends that I convinced to join me and their schedules.

The first trip I did inside the park was the Dennison Ferry to Green River Ferry. The second trip was Green River Ferry to Houchins Ferry. Both were great trips. Just a note about putting in at Dennison and the only reason I even mention it is that I was a bit surprised. I had never seen a kayak/canoe shoot before. That is what Im calling the handrail height V shaped wooden rails that go down the very tall (knee height) steep steps that lead down to the water at Dennison. You can put your boat on the V shaped rails and slide your boat down. Otherwise you may struggle getting all the way down the steps (2 sets, 2 levels) with your boat and then all your gear. Im not the most graceful and walking up/down crazy steps carrying kayaks & gear is not one of my strong points. I would actually dread taking out at Dennison Ferry. Putting in takes a little time but I can manage it. Its not all easy fun and games becoming an old lady. But as long as I can be out on the water, I WILL.
Thanks for the info. I've heard about that "shoot". I think the person that told me about it said if you don't have everything secured nice and tight, you will be swimming after your gear! Did you do any fishing along the way?